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Wondering what other people say?
The only newsletter I read ~ Jelle Akkerman
A Field Guide to getting lost on the web ~ A passer-by
Ever get lost on the web? This makes me think about exploring the web, reading other books and listening to different podcasts ~ Peter Joosten
What to expect?

Scared for what may lie ahead? Curious about what could you encounter in the monthly newsletter?

Below you will find a short selection ranging from micro-biology, to epic poems, and technological feats. Including rare discoveries and undiscoverd arts...

Biking a long, long highway.
The violin thief.
Much like Cubans, the Amish are quite good at inventing and hacking things.
Where's my cursor?
Forgotten words for places, nature and spaces..
Treasure in a cornfield.
Cards for your enemies.
Try playing a game with non-transitive dice.
The green rock that ruins lives.
High Frequency Dating. Ahhh modern romance. Turing would be proud. This is wrong on so many levels.

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